Goals and Values

The main values and pillars of the foundation are to foster science and the arts, specifically medicine and music. Health, both physical and spiritual, and emotional balance are key factors for achieving happiness and personal harmony.

The harmony of a musical composition helps both its author and whomever listens to it to achieve the same harmony on a personal basis. Music is an effective therapy that helps to palliate the adverse effects of suffering and the anguish produced by illness, oftentimes terminal illnesses.

The goal of the foundation is to encourage medical research by means of prizes, grants and/or aid. Likewise, it also strives to stimulate and foster musical knowledge and culture by encouraging young authors to pursue musical training and education for their musical compositions, and by fostering upper and middle level music studies, both inside and outside Spain.

The foundation’s beneficiaries may be any individual or legal entity that has collaborated in research projects that have led to an advancement in the world of science, especially in the field of medicine, as well as those who have contributed through their musical compositions to fostering the culture of music. The winners in the realm of music will have the chance to perform their compositions at a live performance.